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Standard Guest Rules at Hotels

Working in the hospitality industry has given me some insight as to what guests do wrong. There was a time when I was the guest at a hotel or restaurant. I had never worked in one in my life and I was very young, so I was always doing things that probably upset my patrons considerably. With that in mind, I have developed a certain tolerance for the ignorance of children and young adults. They are young and often have not had the experience needed to understand the courtesies that should be extended to their hotel staff. Even though most of it is common sense, I have learned that seems to be something that comes with age as well. That being said, this post is mainly directed at those adults who have, for some reason or another, not developed a simple decency towards their hotel staff or who are not aware of the other pet peeves of the hotel industry. Some of you are nice as can be, but have a way about you that provokes irritation. Some of you, however, simply lack any respect whatsoever and are the bane of the hotel industry. This post is directed to both of these types. Not to satisfy myself. On the contrary, this post is to make you aware of what you might be doing wrong so that you can correct it and, hopefully, enjoy much more enjoyable stays as I am sure you have run into a great deal of problems. If not, than thank your previous patrons immensely for their patience and understanding.

This post will be in the format of a list. I is not in an exact order, but I will try to have it in a general order of severity from the worst things you can do to general pet peeves.

1. Showing your dissatisfaction by yelling or raising your voice, no matter how justified you are.

     – First, this goes for any interaction with any person in any industry. It is not only extremely disrespectful, but it will often get you barred from their premises. Believe it or not, one person doesn’t typically make or break a company and the likely hood of any of the other guests wanting to lose service that they are, more than likely, having no issues with is very slim. Therefore, you will generally be on your own, pissing off the person trying to take care of you, and even pissing off some customers by disturbing them. There is no winning in that situation. If the hotel was going to try to compensate you, they would have already. If you get something after you started yelling, it wasn’t something they gave you to shut you up. It was a concession they were already prepared to give you under more than a little resistance that could have very easily been quite. Really all you get by yelling and disturbing the other guests is the possibility of getting thrown out of the hotel without a full refund, if any is given at all. If you resist, you will be escorted off the premises by police officers. Disrupting a business is the same as stealing if severe enough.

2. Using profanities to express your dissatisfaction to a staff member.

     – This is almost as bad as the above. The only difference is you may be doing this without making as big of a scene, which means stealing the company’s money through customer disturbance might not be an issue. However, using profanities heatedly is verbal abuse and is punishable by law in most places. It normally won’t be taken that far, but you don’t want to test people in the hotel industry. We are typically in a good mood, but we can be, and have complete power to be (at times), extremely nasty when upset, especially if we are already in a bad mood. We also generally look after our own since we are often almost as close as a family. Our managers stand behind us a lot more than in most industries and no guest, no matter how important, can get a good employee in much trouble unless they did something absolutely terrible. More than likely, you will only be making things bad for yourself.

3. If we say we don’t have something, we don’t have it.

     – Pretty self-explanatory. For guests that have made us angry for any of these reasons, we may actually have it and we just feel it would inconvenience us if we got it, but that reason is typically only associated with one of the major things like the two above. Most of the time, we will try to get you what you want. However, if we say we don’t have, say, a blanket, no amount of complaining will get you one and 99% of the time we really don’t have it. For that extra 1%, you won’t get it no matter what because you have pissed us off. That is one of the many reasons you shouldn’t piss us off. If we don’t have something, we aren’t going to buy it for you. You have to understand that, while we try to have enough extras for everyone, a full house will often ruin that. All requests like that are first come first serve. If we don’t have it for you, it’s probably not that we don’t have it, but that you were too slow.

4. Please understand that most requests are just that; requests.

     – Requests are not guaranteed and we often don’t know if we can satisfy it until the day of check-in. Only starred hotels for the most part will pre-block rooms in a fashion that will eliminate such an element of uncertainty. We don’t have an infinite amount of first floor rooms. Not every room can be next to an elevator. Serious things like being allergic to feathers or pets will be addressed with the utmost concern and are treated as guarantees, but if it’s not life threatening, it’s based on availability the day of.

5. When calling to make a reservation, do NOT give all of your information out at once.

     – Most computer systems that are used to make you reservation have steps to follow. You give it to us all at once and anyone who is not an extraordinary individual will have to ask you to repeat some of the information. This will just irritate yourself and, due to your irritation, will reflect in how you treat us and we will start getting agitated as well. If the clerk remembers you when you check in, they might not be as helpful as they could be. This is a fairly minor issue and isn’t a big deal, but just keep in mind that the clerk on the phone will most likely not ned all the information you give them and will need it in another order and probably at a slower pace.

6. Please, have basic reservation information ready.

     – On the flip side of the above, you DO need to have some basic information on hand. Almost every hotel will ask you the following:

          + Beginning and End dates of your reservation.

          + Amount of people to be staying. The room type you want isn’t important, we don’t expect you to know our room types, but the amount of people to be in the room will help us find a comfortable room for you.

          + Credit card. Don’t give them all of the information at once. Just do the card number and expiration date as they prompt for it. Don’t give them the security code if they don’t ask, a lot of hotels don’t need that.

          + Special requests. Once again, understand that these are only requests, not guarantees. We do need them when you make your reservation though, or at least call us back and put them in. Any requests made at check-in may not be able to be fulfilled and you may have a request that we don’t have available. For example, the hotel I used to work at had rollaways. However, after 4pm, there is only one person at the desk. We are not going to leave the desk if it isn’t an emergency and rollaways normally take time to get ready and put into a room, so we most likely aren’t able to take that time to get it to you. On the same note, rollaways aren’t offered at my current hotel. It is considered a fire hazard in our rooms. If you don’t let us know that you need a rollaway, we can’t tell you that we don’t have one. These same things can happen with any requests.

          + Ask about PETS! There are different fees attached with different hotels for different types and sizes of pets. Sometimes it’s just a deposit, sometimes it’s a non-refundable fee. Other times it’s free and often they aren’t allowed at all. Pets can accrue quite a fee if you don’t know exactly what each hotel’s policy on them is. Don’t try to sneak them in. You most likely won’t get caught, but if you do it can cost more than your stay.

I will update this every once in a while or I will just make each new point a post. I will actually probably take these current points into a separate post for each due to the examples I can come up with. These are, however, the most basic rules to follow.

Always remember. There are three industries where the cardinal rule is to not screw with your patrons. Those are in order of importance due to the discomfort they can provide:

1) Restaurants

2) Hotels

3) Car Salesman


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Gun Prohibition: Good Intentions, Bad Execution

First off, the title may be a bit misleading for this post, so let me clarify. I’m not, in any way, stating that there is a gun prohibition in place currently, at least not as comprehensive as the prohibition of alcohol. What I mean by gun prohibition in this case is merely the attempt to ban guns. A prohibition is the goal of many.

Now is where I start the meat of this article. First, I would like to link a news article. This is not a straight, unbiased (if there even is such a thing in our media anymore), article. I am using it however to link the U.S. Supreme Court ruling that I would like to talk about and also make some points on my feelings of the particular frame of thought that this article conveys.

First, let me applaud our Supreme Court for this ruling. I am, as you will increasingly find out in later blogs if I decide to blog about politics anymore, very much against what our Supreme Court has become. In fact, later on this week, maybe even later on today, I may post a blog on this view simply to provide case references to back up my thoughts. For now, my opinion will have to do. The job of the Supreme Court is to enforce the provisions made by the Constitution in relation to laws, federal, state, and local. The Constitution is, for all intents and purposes, the governing document of the Supreme Court. The Constitution, through its own rules, can only be amended (changed) by a 2/3 vote of Congress or a 3/4 vote of the State legislatures. As such, the Supreme Court has no authority to make changes to the Constitution. This is where my problem lies with what the Supreme Court has become. Under the guise of “interpreting” the Constitution, the Supreme Court has overruled laws, in effect pretty much creating anti-laws in their place. The Supreme Court was not created to interpret the Constitution. It was created to interpret how the Constitution applies to laws. The wording of the Constitution is fairly simple. It does not need to be interpreted. All that needs to take place is for the Supreme Court to catch laws that have been made that don’t abide by the Constitution and overrule them. The reason I am so happy with this ruling is because they are doing their job again. They are looking at what the Constitution says, in clear English, proper grammar and all, about gun rights, and they enforced the Constitution. Not interpretations, just purely looking at the words and applying them to what the state/local governments have been illegally doing.

Before we progress any further, please do not question my view on the role that I feel the Supreme Court has been taking. Like I said, I will be making a post dedicated to that later today or later this week. Question me about it then, this post is purely about this particular issue.

Back to the issue at hand. What does the second amendment say, in plain English? Here you go:

“A well-regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.”

Plain as day, it is the right of the people to keep AND bear arms (guns). Also, it cannot be INFRINGED!

What does this mean? Basically, nothing short of an amendment to the Constitution can, in any way, prohibit American citizens from owning and carrying guns.

Sorry, there is nothing enigmatic about that wording. If there is, you need to read some classics to get your understanding of grammar down. I don’t always type it the best, but I can read. Not that hard to do.

Last thing I do what to point out. Technically speaking, there is nothing, in the Constitution, limiting where arms can be carried. Technically, you have the Constitutional right to carry a gun on you at all times, though States/Local Governments ARE allowed to specify if it’s loaded or not (the Constitution doesn’t make that part clear) and the size/type. Private business’ and residences are allowed to ban guns on their property since both are allowed to discriminate who they cater to, as long as it’s not based on race, religion, or sexual preference.

The bad part. The property of any government, be it federal, state, or local, technically cannot ban guns on their property. It’s not private property.

That being said, I feel their should be laws on gun control. However, it needs to be done through the proper channels. It needs to be done as an amendment to the Constitution.

There is, however, another way for States/Local governments to regulate, legally, guns. They can, due to the wording of the Second Amendment, call on the first, most overlooked, part of the amendment. “A well-regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State” can be interpreted, and I encourage it to be interpreted as such, that only someone capable in serving in a “well-regulated” militia.

Let’s take the definition of militia from Merriam-Webster.

1 a : a part of the organized armed forces of a country liable to call only in emergency b : a body of citizens organized for military service
2 : the whole body of able-bodied male citizens declared by law as being subject to call to military service

Now, I’m pretty sure male citizens is no longer valid since women can serve in the military now, but this basically means anyone who can be drafted.

A state/local government COULD, however, take the first definition and require that anyone who tries to buy a gun would need to first be properly trained in its use, could even ensure that they are in good physical condition, and sign a document saying that they have the duty, in absence of the draft, but not superseding the reinstatement of the draft, to serve their state/local government in an organized militia to defend the state/local population in a time of invasion.

First, this interpretation protects the current regulations that most states have concerning the purchase of firearms. Most states prohibit the sale of firearms to those who have been convicted of felonies, who are mentally unstable, and who have not taken approved training courses pertaining to the use and function of their firearm. These current stipulations entirely coincide with the “well-regulated Militia” part of the Second Amendment.

Second, these regulations are already in effect, so why not utilize them to take it a step further, but this time ensuring that you not only are remaining within the CLEAR definitions of the Constitution, but that you have a SHITLOAD of manpower to protect you from invasion? Sure, it’ll probably never happen, but never is a long time and this could prove to be a huge benefit if such an invasion ever did occur.

That is my proposal for a gun law. That would prevent the need for an unlikely amendment to the Constitution and it would be beneficial to the state/local governments at almost no cost to themselves. The classes are in place. Just a little extra wording is needed in gun permits. Simple as that.

Anyways, I am happy about this because it is shooting down the illegal gun restrictions that have been put in place. It’s at least a step towards getting either the states/local governments to abide by the Constitution or have an amendment made to the Constitution to make the laws legal.

As long as it’s legal, I don’t care. Well, I do, but if it’s done properly, I have no valid right to complain.

Last thing I have to say before I close this out and head home for the day, or at least get back to work for an hour THEN head home, is this. Gun restrictions are good intentions. I truly believe that. If anyone reading this is all for them, I promise you that I am not criticising you for your want to reduce violence. However, most criminals that are out there shooting people are criminals that have already illegally obtained guns. They don’t abide by gun regulations in purchasing and they sure as hell won’t stop using guns. While these criminals are illegally obtaining and arming themselves with firearms, law-abiding people who have every right to defend themselves from these criminals are left without a means to defend themselves. I find that to be a criminal act in itself.

I encourage comments, criticism, and input of any kind. I don’t write to get my point across, I write to reinforce my own beliefs or to find the errors in them and change my mind. This can only be done through putting my thoughts on a silver platter and feeding them to the dogs.

No offence. You aren’t dogs. You understand.

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Bloody Idiots: Issue #1

I have decided that I encounter so many people who are complete idiots in either a very funny or a very frustrating fashion that I should start writing about the idiots I encounter in daily life. Luckily, my work has provided me with a first class idiot today to christen this string of posts.

This guy checked into our hotel tonight. He was a nice enough guy, though he was that forceful sort of nice that makes you think kindness isn’t something that comes naturally to him. That feeling aside however, he was an alright person.

Well, he came down a few minutes ago, about two hours after he checked in. He asked me if a manager is on duty. I told him no, our managers are only on duty between 9am and 5pm typically. He then said that he wanted a manger to call him tomorrow as soon as possible.


Because we are a pet friendly hotel and his son is allergic to cat and dog hair due to his asthma. We should have told him we were a pet friendly hotel because it isn’t his responsibility to check if a hotel allows creatures that are potentially fatal to his son.



First of all, it is NOT our responsibility to tell every guest that we are pet friendly. Now, I understand not everyone has the ability to check the internet to see what our hotel offers and our policies, however, EVERYONE that can afford this hotel at least has a phone. He made this reservation online or through our 800 number. I can tell that much through the system. If his son is that allergic to pets, it is HIS responsibility to call the hotel directly to confirm that the hotel isn’t pet friendly. Even if we weren’t and our website said we weren’t, he should have still called us directly. That is the RESPONSIBLE thing to do.

What pisses me off most about this isn’t that I was getting the brunt of a pissed off idiot without being able to say something back like I could at my old job, but what pisses me off is that this asshole even has custody of his son.

This is, according to the parent, a life or death situation for the kid. If the parent doesn’t have the common sense to call before he puts his child in a hotel room,  just to make sure the hotel room isn’t pet friendly, then his idiocy is threatening the very life of his child. With our posted signs stating that we are pet friendly, both in the hotel and online, he would be legally responsible if his child died.

The last thing about this that pisses me off is this… HE’S STILL HERE!!

Yet another thing proving his life threatening idiocy. He is keeping his child in a hotel room that could be life threatening (even though we deep clean the rooms) instead of trying to find another hotel that doesn’t accept pets. This is royally stupid. He’s not just staying here for one night either. He’s staying here for three.

I wrote a note telling our general manager about this. I wasn’t going to unprofessionally bad mouth the guest in writing to our manager, but I did write it with a hint of sarcasm.

I hope our manager calls and tells him that he is an idiot. That he is putting his son’s life at risk and that we are going to call social services on him. That we are kicking him out tomorrow (my manager isn’t going to call tonight).

I doubt she will. Customer service in the hospitality industry is a little more extreme in what we have to abide by than in most industries. However, I do hope that she doesn’t budge when he will undoubtedly ask for a refund or discount of some kind. I do hope that she will point out, no matter how nice she has to be about it, that it is his responsibility to ensure the safety of his son, not our’s (at least not in that manner).


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Advancement in Life

What brought about this post? Well, I was going through my ring tones. I saw such songs as Brass Monkey by the Beastie Boys and Sex on the Beach by the Venga Boys.

I came to a realization.

The ideas that these songs are representative of are beyond my grasp.

Why did I drop out of college?

It wasn’t because of bad grades. Technically, I could have stayed in college. I brought my grades to the GPA I needed to stay in college and the grants I had were almost entirely gpa IHdependant.

I literally could have been graduating with a bachelor’s degree RIGHT now if I chose to.

So why am I stuck with no money in an apartment that I am in with friends instead of having one of my own? Because I wanted to mature.

My quest to maturity did not involve college. I loved having fun with my roommate in college, I had some damn good times with Brandon in college, and I realized I was completely in “love” with my roommate’s friend Grace.

The big deciding point was, though, that  none of it was REAL. All of my feelings for all of these people were based on a level of intellect and maturity that I knew were not fully developed. Therefore, I went with what I thought was the best decision. Now, whether it was or not, I’ll never know. I’d like to know Joe better. He was one of the coolest people I ever knew. I wish I knew Brandon better. I know he and I would have had so much fun in my current state of mind. I especially wish I knew Grace better. I never had the balls to talk to her in person, now I will never even have the chance. She was always my greatest regret. I knew that I would like her. That I would even get along with her enough to have more than a month-long relationship for a change. However, nothing ever happened with any of these people.

Now, I have always lived my life with the idea that if I never have any regrets, I will be happy. Of course there will be disappointments, but I honestly believe it is possible to live without actual regrets. Boy was I wrong. I have very few regrets, but my decisions for college are some of them. I will never have college back, I will never even get the opportunity because my class is graduating now. I will always REGRET my decisions.

What have I been left with? I am struggling to survive. I am constantly changing jobs in order to stay on top of things. I am about to go to ONLINE college. ONLINE!!! Why? Because it’s the only thing that teaches what I need to advance in my current (NOT desired) career, while allowing me the time to WORK.

So, back to what brought me to these thoughts. My ring tones. I realized that most of them were based on partying, getting down, having a good time. I realized that none of that is for me anymore. I cannot party the way I want to. I have an insane inability to get down. My idea of having fun is sitting at home watching whatever my roommates are watching.

I have missed an important part of my life in order to mature. What happened? Did I mature? I sure did, but at what cost? My maturity came to me because of a sacrifice of my childhood. Of my learning. Of my (potential) love life.

I am positive that I will break through this shtick in my life. I am sure I will experience some of this. I will, however, never gain my childhood back. I will never experience the possibility of companionship from someone who I haven’t seen a million times through work. None of that will ever be mine. Why? Because I decided to choose maturity. What have I gained from that choice? I am drunk at 5:30 pm. I have to go to work at 11pm. I will be up until 3pm the next day (at work). I am busy, drunk, and I need to piss. This is not what I imagined maturity to be.

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Out With the Old

So, I gave my notice yesterday when my boss came in to relieve me. I told him that I was going to another hotel and that I worked out an arrangement with them so that they wouldn’t consider it a conflict of interest if I worked both jobs for a week or two in order to train my replacement. I was very surprised at his reaction. I expected him to react one of two ways. With anger (aka telling me to gtfo) or with apathy. Instead, he actually semi tried to keep me here. He told me that he would give me a $.50 raise once I took on a few more responsibilities and would give me another $.50 raise about 6 months after that. He also said that I’ve been a great employee and he’s never had any major problems with me. I did have to tell him, however, that I had already accepted the job, so I really couldn’t go back on it.

Now, I will start off with the bad of the situation, and I will end with the good.

His offer of the raise, while very thoughtful, was too little too late… Actually, it was just too little. You know what those two raises would have ended up paying me? The starting wage at my new job. Keep in mind that my new job operates like any NORMAL job does. It gives you raises on a regular basis based on performance. Now, he said he would give me a $.50 raise AFTER I take on a few more responsibilities…. That confused me. Why? Well, because I do almost all of the group sales, replacing the need for a Sales Rep. I do most of the night audit, replacing the need for another Night Auditor. I do most of the morning shift, replacing the need for another Front Desk Clerk. I also file things, create month end reports, prepare the deposits, and take care of some of the more serious customer complaints that the average front desk clerk doesn’t have the authority to handle, all of which are the primary responsibilities of the Administrative Assistant or Assistant Manager. So, what I do is the equivalent of 4 jobs. With my hours, I work the equivalent of 2 jobs. I don’t get paid overtime, I don’t get holiday pay, I don’t get benefits, and I don’t get vacation time. I don’t even have a fancy title to slap on my resume in the future. I think the $.50 raise was long overdue. I can’t think of many jobs that wouldn’t have changed my job title when giving me that much extra responsibility and most of those would probably have also given me an immediate pay raise separate from the one I should be getting with my performance review, simply because I am taking on a higher paid position. His praise was also a little disappointing at this point. It saddened me that it took me telling him that I was leaving for him to finally show some appreciation for all that I have done here.

Now, it wasn’t all bad. My boss did actually surprise me by being a decent human being about this whole thing. With that said, I would feel like a complete asshole if I didn’t include the good things as well.

When I left, I didn’t tell him it was because of better money, because it wasn’t. Overall, I am actually taking a pay cut purely because of the huge decrease of hours I spend working. Going from 60+ a week to 40 is huge. What I told him was that they were a larger hotel with more open positions above mine, and that they also were part of a large management company, so there was more room for advancement. He actually understood that. At the end of our conversation, he told me that he was prepared to give me a little more pay, but he also understood that I need to move on and do what I think is best, and having more opportunities to advance might be best. He also said he would have kept me at the hours I’ve been getting. Now, while part of my reason for leaving is a minimal loss of pay for a great deal more time to relax, it does make me feel a little better that he understood how much the hours meant to me. If it wasn’t for how many hours I have been getting, I would have had to leave a while ago, not because I wanted to then, but because I wouldn’t have been able to afford my current lifestyle, which is pretty bad since my current lifestyle is being broke.

Overall, I am happy with how he responded. He is keeping me on for the rest of this week and has said he will give me almost as many hours as I want before I leave. So I will be making bank the middle of next month, which is made ever nicer seeing as my middle of the month paycheck has virtually no bills attached to it. I might actually be able to afford a few small furniture items for my new place.

The one thing I do regret is that I did not have the heart to tell him why I started looking for another job in the first place. He point-blank asked me if I was only leaving because of better pay and opportunity to move up in the company or if there was some other reason as well. I wanted so bad to tell him “Yes! You treat your employees like shit, something you should have started realizing after you hired 10 people, and only one of them worked with us for more than a month! You overwork the other two people who hold this place together! I literally have to ignore your “policies” on customers because I want to make sure this hotel still makes money!”

But I didn’t. I told him none of that. He’ll learn. He is losing me, so he needs to fill two or three positions to replace that. The other daytime person MIGHT have to leave soon, she’s in an enormous amount of pain. The only other night auditor might have to leave as well since she is also in a lot of pain. He is quickly going to find out that you NEED to be prepared. The other night auditor NEEDED to be someone who was able to fill in at anytime if I were to call out sick, because that’s all this is. It’s me calling out sick indefinitely. He also should have found another front desk person. He had two front desk shifts a week, he could have hired a part-time person to cover those so that he would have had backup. He still would have been in a bad way right now, but not anywhere near as bad as he’s going to be.

But I didn’t tell him. I didn’t have the heart to do it now. I also didn’t tell him though because he does have to learn the hard way. You know how I have matured? I didn’t listen to my parents, friends, or teachers when they told me not to do something or how to do something. I heard them, but I didn’t pay attention to it. I did it my own way anyways and found out I was WRONG. I have been through a lot of shit in my life because of my stubbornness, but I honestly think I am better off than if I had just taken everyone’s word for what to do. I have learned that I was right with some things. Mostly, though, I just earned a scar, and aren’t stories much cooler when you have a scar to show people what happened? As I’ve always said, if you try to tell me how to do something, it’ll go in one ear and out the other. If you hit me in the face with a metal rod when I’m doing something wrong, on the other hand, I’ll know not to do that next time. Some consider it a flaw, but I honestly can’t imagine a more colorful or memorable way to learn how to live. So I’m hoping this will be his metal rod, and that it’ll smack him in the face. Not to cause him pain, even though it will, but to show him that he isn’t doing this right.

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Alright, so I know this movie has come and gone, and the debates have mostly died down about it, but I didn’t have a blog to express my opinions so I’m getting it out now. Partially to vent a little, but mostly because I want to write something and I haven’t done or seen anything interesting today.

I saw Avatar twice in theaters. First time, I saw it in standard 2D. It was an alright movie then, and it had an alright storyline. I can, however, understand people not liking the movie when they saw it in 2D because they missed what 80% of the movie was geared towards: pushing the envelope! When I saw it the second time, this time in 3D, I understood that this movie was not about having a great storyline, sending a politically motivated message to movie goers, or anything else of that nature. What the movie was created for was making 3 dimensional art. The effects were astounding, the sounds combined with the images popping out made you feel as if you were on Pandora. I didn’t even really care about the script or the story the second time I watched this movie, I just stared at the shiny.

This being said, I don’t understand why some people hate this movie with such passion. To those that say this movie was the same exact storyline of Pocahontas, just replace some of the words, I say who cares? Very few movies are completely original anymore. Sukiyaki Western Django, for example, was the exact storyline, replace a few words, of War of the Roses. Yet you don’t hear people complaining about that. In fact, many people like it for just that reason because it is a fresh and new take on it.

So what is the difference? Sukiyaki Western Django had almost no buildup in the American market. There was a little bit of excitement to it, but not anywhere near as much as with Avatar.

The one flaw Avatar had was too much hype. I honestly believe this is the only reason there are so many critics of the movie. The movie was, by any technical film standards, virtually flawless. However, the hype was huge. People all saw that this movie was going to be one of the first, and I believe the first in digital, live action 3D films. Along with that, it had the famed director name of James Cameron tattooed on it. With both of these happening, everyone expected an amazing and original work with the best actors money (among other things) could buy. That wasn’t what Cameron set out to do.

Technically speaking, this film is a success and no one can really dispute that. It has grossed $2.7bn worldwide, making it the best-selling film worldwide. EVER. It also pioneered live-action 3D filming, a technology that almost every Epic is trying to get their hands on now. Clash of the Titans tried it, though they didn’t film with it in mind. Avatar: The Last Air Bender is going to do it. Numerous other movies are announcing that they will not only go 3D, they will also film 3D, making the effect close to the effect of Avatar. Pandora was also a brand new world, teeming with unique and highly detailed life. It takes an enormous imagination and a great deal of film genius to put that onto the big screen.

So basically, no matter what anyone says, I think it was a good movie.

Those that say is was being racist by giving the Na’vi dreadlocks and face paint, portraying an “obvious” stereotype of tribal Africans, I say bullshit. Almost every culture had that same style of fashion in their tribal stage of progression. The only thing that would point to it being Africans in particular is the obsessive use of color, however their world is full of color, so it would be natural to assume they would utilize a great amount of color as well.

To those that say it was an attempt to push Cameron’s environmentally friendly political stance on the moviegoers, who cares? If you are reading into it that deep, you are actively TRYING to find some flaw in the film, so your opinion is invalid. The only part would suggest that stance is that the bad guys were strip mining and hurting the planet, however, that just points out an entirely different fact to me. Humans are ruthless when it comes to getting what we want. That’s not a bad thing, and it’s not wrong to put in a movie. It is a historically proven fact that humans are ruthless when it comes to getting what they want. This applies to ALL human beings. It is also a historically proven fact that some “good” comes along that brings that ruthlessness to its knees. So if you want to go along that route, it’s just a movie about another possible future where we give into our nature yet again. No big deal. I can’t even count on my fingers and toes the amount of movies that point that little fact out.

So if you come into my house, see me watching Avatar, and I’m enjoying it. Don’t criticize me. You have your opinion and I have mine. However you cannot deny the proof that is pioneered what is becoming the new “thing” in cinema and that pioneering that made a SHITLOAD of money.

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