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Blue Mountain State

I have started watching this show recently. I first discovered it when I was snowed in at work this past winter. I immediately fell in love with it, but shortly after the snow ended, I started working even longer hours, so I quickly forgot about it. A few days ago, one of my friends on Facebook mentioned it in a status and I was like “Hey! That show! I need to watch that!” So I did. I am loving it even more.

So what is it about this show that is so appealing to me? Is it that the crazy shit they do at the parties is reminisce of a few parties I went to and I desperately want to experience it again? Is it the women and booze in a never ending supply? Or is it simply the college experience that, even though distorted to be more than it really is in this show, I still regret losing out on? I think it is a combination of these.

First, take the crazy shit. I don’t party that often. I can’t really afford to. Partially because of a lack of money, but mostly because I work for a living and I can’t use drugs on a regular, or even irregular, basis and I can’t afford to have a hangover when I get to work. I also simply don’t know the kind of people that party. Those that I did/do know are either gone from Salisbury or were college friends and never lived here in the first place. Even though I don’t party regularly though, each one turns out a story about me doing something crazy. Sometimes I even remember the event and it’s that much more satisfying when I do remember since I know that people aren’t just trying to boost my ego and play into the self-image that I have created for others to view, but that I really am that person. It acts as a sort of validation that I am not only who I say I am, but who I want to be. I’ve always been reserved. I’ve always had a hard time doing things that seem morally ambiguous. That was how I was raised. However, something deep inside me has always wanted to do these things, wanted to be quite a bit less reserved, and these events help me create that. This is one of the reasons Blue Mountain State appeals to me on such a level. I watch the show and realize that I have done some of this shit. Some of these things have even been the very events that have helped transform me from the “perfect” little boy I was in high school to the person I am today. I still am a little too reserved to do some of the stuff these people do, but I have more balls than I ever had before, especially with a few beers in me. This show reminds me of my journey and times that I hope to keep on having from time to time.

Next is the women and booze. I’m a man in all sense of the typical stereotypes (except that we always cheat. I might have at one time, but I don’t think I’m capable of it anymore), so I think it goes without saying that I want women and booze. A lot.

Last is the college experience. I went to one year of college. During the first semester, I stayed in my dorm room and talked to almost no one, including the other people in my dorm. I knew a few people, after all, I was still uncomfortable eating by myself, so I would only go to the cafeteria with my roommate and his friends, but I really didn’t experience anything. The second semester was a little better. I had my first rum and coke (cherry coke to be exact) thanks to one of my favorite college friends. It was in a big 32oz Styrofoam cup. I had two of them. Needless to say, I was feeling damn good that night. It was only the second time I had been drunk. I experimented with some drugs that semester. I don’t really approve of the use of drugs (except for weed), but I still feel it was a good experience. I am a firm believer in never knocking something before you try it, unless you know for a fact it’ll kill you. I used a few of them once, a few I took a few times that semester, but I haven’t touched a single one since I’ve been out of college. I went to two parties that semester, one in a dorm room, which was pretty awesome. These are all experiences that I had that are part of the college experience as a whole in my mind. I didn’t have much of them, though, and I missed out on a lot of others. BMS really lives out a lot of the experiences I wanted to have and relives experiences that I did have. Some of the things I can just sit back, laugh, and say “I did that!” Others, I just sit back, and wonder what it would have been like. Either way, it appeals to a side of me that is, in some way, regretful, and helps ease that regret.

Combine all of that with the witty humor, the dim wittedness of the characters, and the damn hot women, and you have yourself a great TV show. I hope this show goes on for a few seasons at least. I really want to buy the DVDs someday.


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Alright, so I know this movie has come and gone, and the debates have mostly died down about it, but I didn’t have a blog to express my opinions so I’m getting it out now. Partially to vent a little, but mostly because I want to write something and I haven’t done or seen anything interesting today.

I saw Avatar twice in theaters. First time, I saw it in standard 2D. It was an alright movie then, and it had an alright storyline. I can, however, understand people not liking the movie when they saw it in 2D because they missed what 80% of the movie was geared towards: pushing the envelope! When I saw it the second time, this time in 3D, I understood that this movie was not about having a great storyline, sending a politically motivated message to movie goers, or anything else of that nature. What the movie was created for was making 3 dimensional art. The effects were astounding, the sounds combined with the images popping out made you feel as if you were on Pandora. I didn’t even really care about the script or the story the second time I watched this movie, I just stared at the shiny.

This being said, I don’t understand why some people hate this movie with such passion. To those that say this movie was the same exact storyline of Pocahontas, just replace some of the words, I say who cares? Very few movies are completely original anymore. Sukiyaki Western Django, for example, was the exact storyline, replace a few words, of War of the Roses. Yet you don’t hear people complaining about that. In fact, many people like it for just that reason because it is a fresh and new take on it.

So what is the difference? Sukiyaki Western Django had almost no buildup in the American market. There was a little bit of excitement to it, but not anywhere near as much as with Avatar.

The one flaw Avatar had was too much hype. I honestly believe this is the only reason there are so many critics of the movie. The movie was, by any technical film standards, virtually flawless. However, the hype was huge. People all saw that this movie was going to be one of the first, and I believe the first in digital, live action 3D films. Along with that, it had the famed director name of James Cameron tattooed on it. With both of these happening, everyone expected an amazing and original work with the best actors money (among other things) could buy. That wasn’t what Cameron set out to do.

Technically speaking, this film is a success and no one can really dispute that. It has grossed $2.7bn worldwide, making it the best-selling film worldwide. EVER. It also pioneered live-action 3D filming, a technology that almost every Epic is trying to get their hands on now. Clash of the Titans tried it, though they didn’t film with it in mind. Avatar: The Last Air Bender is going to do it. Numerous other movies are announcing that they will not only go 3D, they will also film 3D, making the effect close to the effect of Avatar. Pandora was also a brand new world, teeming with unique and highly detailed life. It takes an enormous imagination and a great deal of film genius to put that onto the big screen.

So basically, no matter what anyone says, I think it was a good movie.

Those that say is was being racist by giving the Na’vi dreadlocks and face paint, portraying an “obvious” stereotype of tribal Africans, I say bullshit. Almost every culture had that same style of fashion in their tribal stage of progression. The only thing that would point to it being Africans in particular is the obsessive use of color, however their world is full of color, so it would be natural to assume they would utilize a great amount of color as well.

To those that say it was an attempt to push Cameron’s environmentally friendly political stance on the moviegoers, who cares? If you are reading into it that deep, you are actively TRYING to find some flaw in the film, so your opinion is invalid. The only part would suggest that stance is that the bad guys were strip mining and hurting the planet, however, that just points out an entirely different fact to me. Humans are ruthless when it comes to getting what we want. That’s not a bad thing, and it’s not wrong to put in a movie. It is a historically proven fact that humans are ruthless when it comes to getting what they want. This applies to ALL human beings. It is also a historically proven fact that some “good” comes along that brings that ruthlessness to its knees. So if you want to go along that route, it’s just a movie about another possible future where we give into our nature yet again. No big deal. I can’t even count on my fingers and toes the amount of movies that point that little fact out.

So if you come into my house, see me watching Avatar, and I’m enjoying it. Don’t criticize me. You have your opinion and I have mine. However you cannot deny the proof that is pioneered what is becoming the new “thing” in cinema and that pioneering that made a SHITLOAD of money.

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