Bloody Idiots: Issue #1

I have decided that I encounter so many people who are complete idiots in either a very funny or a very frustrating fashion that I should start writing about the idiots I encounter in daily life. Luckily, my work has provided me with a first class idiot today to christen this string of posts.

This guy checked into our hotel tonight. He was a nice enough guy, though he was that forceful sort of nice that makes you think kindness isn’t something that comes naturally to him. That feeling aside however, he was an alright person.

Well, he came down a few minutes ago, about two hours after he checked in. He asked me if a manager is on duty. I told him no, our managers are only on duty between 9am and 5pm typically. He then said that he wanted a manger to call him tomorrow as soon as possible.


Because we are a pet friendly hotel and his son is allergic to cat and dog hair due to his asthma. We should have told him we were a pet friendly hotel because it isn’t his responsibility to check if a hotel allows creatures that are potentially fatal to his son.



First of all, it is NOT our responsibility to tell every guest that we are pet friendly. Now, I understand not everyone has the ability to check the internet to see what our hotel offers and our policies, however, EVERYONE that can afford this hotel at least has a phone. He made this reservation online or through our 800 number. I can tell that much through the system. If his son is that allergic to pets, it is HIS responsibility to call the hotel directly to confirm that the hotel isn’t pet friendly. Even if we weren’t and our website said we weren’t, he should have still called us directly. That is the RESPONSIBLE thing to do.

What pisses me off most about this isn’t that I was getting the brunt of a pissed off idiot without being able to say something back like I could at my old job, but what pisses me off is that this asshole even has custody of his son.

This is, according to the parent, a life or death situation for the kid. If the parent doesn’t have the common sense to call before he puts his child in a hotel room,  just to make sure the hotel room isn’t pet friendly, then his idiocy is threatening the very life of his child. With our posted signs stating that we are pet friendly, both in the hotel and online, he would be legally responsible if his child died.

The last thing about this that pisses me off is this… HE’S STILL HERE!!

Yet another thing proving his life threatening idiocy. He is keeping his child in a hotel room that could be life threatening (even though we deep clean the rooms) instead of trying to find another hotel that doesn’t accept pets. This is royally stupid. He’s not just staying here for one night either. He’s staying here for three.

I wrote a note telling our general manager about this. I wasn’t going to unprofessionally bad mouth the guest in writing to our manager, but I did write it with a hint of sarcasm.

I hope our manager calls and tells him that he is an idiot. That he is putting his son’s life at risk and that we are going to call social services on him. That we are kicking him out tomorrow (my manager isn’t going to call tonight).

I doubt she will. Customer service in the hospitality industry is a little more extreme in what we have to abide by than in most industries. However, I do hope that she doesn’t budge when he will undoubtedly ask for a refund or discount of some kind. I do hope that she will point out, no matter how nice she has to be about it, that it is his responsibility to ensure the safety of his son, not our’s (at least not in that manner).



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2 responses to “Bloody Idiots: Issue #1

  1. Isn’t the customer always right? (insert eye roll here)

    • I have yet to work with a place that abides by that standard.

      Instead, it has always been “The customer is always right. Except when they’re wrong.”

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