Out With the Old

So, I gave my notice yesterday when my boss came in to relieve me. I told him that I was going to another hotel and that I worked out an arrangement with them so that they wouldn’t consider it a conflict of interest if I worked both jobs for a week or two in order to train my replacement. I was very surprised at his reaction. I expected him to react one of two ways. With anger (aka telling me to gtfo) or with apathy. Instead, he actually semi tried to keep me here. He told me that he would give me a $.50 raise once I took on a few more responsibilities and would give me another $.50 raise about 6 months after that. He also said that I’ve been a great employee and he’s never had any major problems with me. I did have to tell him, however, that I had already accepted the job, so I really couldn’t go back on it.

Now, I will start off with the bad of the situation, and I will end with the good.

His offer of the raise, while very thoughtful, was too little too late… Actually, it was just too little. You know what those two raises would have ended up paying me? The starting wage at my new job. Keep in mind that my new job operates like any NORMAL job does. It gives you raises on a regular basis based on performance. Now, he said he would give me a $.50 raise AFTER I take on a few more responsibilities…. That confused me. Why? Well, because I do almost all of the group sales, replacing the need for a Sales Rep. I do most of the night audit, replacing the need for another Night Auditor. I do most of the morning shift, replacing the need for another Front Desk Clerk. I also file things, create month end reports, prepare the deposits, and take care of some of the more serious customer complaints that the average front desk clerk doesn’t have the authority to handle, all of which are the primary responsibilities of the Administrative Assistant or Assistant Manager. So, what I do is the equivalent of 4 jobs. With my hours, I work the equivalent of 2 jobs. I don’t get paid overtime, I don’t get holiday pay, I don’t get benefits, and I don’t get vacation time. I don’t even have a fancy title to slap on my resume in the future. I think the $.50 raise was long overdue. I can’t think of many jobs that wouldn’t have changed my job title when giving me that much extra responsibility and most of those would probably have also given me an immediate pay raise separate from the one I should be getting with my performance review, simply because I am taking on a higher paid position. His praise was also a little disappointing at this point. It saddened me that it took me telling him that I was leaving for him to finally show some appreciation for all that I have done here.

Now, it wasn’t all bad. My boss did actually surprise me by being a decent human being about this whole thing. With that said, I would feel like a complete asshole if I didn’t include the good things as well.

When I left, I didn’t tell him it was because of better money, because it wasn’t. Overall, I am actually taking a pay cut purely because of the huge decrease of hours I spend working. Going from 60+ a week to 40 is huge. What I told him was that they were a larger hotel with more open positions above mine, and that they also were part of a large management company, so there was more room for advancement. He actually understood that. At the end of our conversation, he told me that he was prepared to give me a little more pay, but he also understood that I need to move on and do what I think is best, and having more opportunities to advance might be best. He also said he would have kept me at the hours I’ve been getting. Now, while part of my reason for leaving is a minimal loss of pay for a great deal more time to relax, it does make me feel a little better that he understood how much the hours meant to me. If it wasn’t for how many hours I have been getting, I would have had to leave a while ago, not because I wanted to then, but because I wouldn’t have been able to afford my current lifestyle, which is pretty bad since my current lifestyle is being broke.

Overall, I am happy with how he responded. He is keeping me on for the rest of this week and has said he will give me almost as many hours as I want before I leave. So I will be making bank the middle of next month, which is made ever nicer seeing as my middle of the month paycheck has virtually no bills attached to it. I might actually be able to afford a few small furniture items for my new place.

The one thing I do regret is that I did not have the heart to tell him why I started looking for another job in the first place. He point-blank asked me if I was only leaving because of better pay and opportunity to move up in the company or if there was some other reason as well. I wanted so bad to tell him “Yes! You treat your employees like shit, something you should have started realizing after you hired 10 people, and only one of them worked with us for more than a month! You overwork the other two people who hold this place together! I literally have to ignore your “policies” on customers because I want to make sure this hotel still makes money!”

But I didn’t. I told him none of that. He’ll learn. He is losing me, so he needs to fill two or three positions to replace that. The other daytime person MIGHT have to leave soon, she’s in an enormous amount of pain. The only other night auditor might have to leave as well since she is also in a lot of pain. He is quickly going to find out that you NEED to be prepared. The other night auditor NEEDED to be someone who was able to fill in at anytime if I were to call out sick, because that’s all this is. It’s me calling out sick indefinitely. He also should have found another front desk person. He had two front desk shifts a week, he could have hired a part-time person to cover those so that he would have had backup. He still would have been in a bad way right now, but not anywhere near as bad as he’s going to be.

But I didn’t tell him. I didn’t have the heart to do it now. I also didn’t tell him though because he does have to learn the hard way. You know how I have matured? I didn’t listen to my parents, friends, or teachers when they told me not to do something or how to do something. I heard them, but I didn’t pay attention to it. I did it my own way anyways and found out I was WRONG. I have been through a lot of shit in my life because of my stubbornness, but I honestly think I am better off than if I had just taken everyone’s word for what to do. I have learned that I was right with some things. Mostly, though, I just earned a scar, and aren’t stories much cooler when you have a scar to show people what happened? As I’ve always said, if you try to tell me how to do something, it’ll go in one ear and out the other. If you hit me in the face with a metal rod when I’m doing something wrong, on the other hand, I’ll know not to do that next time. Some consider it a flaw, but I honestly can’t imagine a more colorful or memorable way to learn how to live. So I’m hoping this will be his metal rod, and that it’ll smack him in the face. Not to cause him pain, even though it will, but to show him that he isn’t doing this right.


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